Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Voice: Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston (1963-2012)
Singer/Actress Singer Whitney Houston died on February 11 in Los Angeles. The cause of death is still under investigation. Houston was 48-years old. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Whitney Houston was the most awarded female artist of all time with an astounding 415 career awards as of 2010. Houston sold over 170 million albums and singles worldwide. Some of her biggest hits came off of herself-titled debut album Whitney, I’m YourBaby Tonight and The Bodyguard. She starred both in movies (The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale, The Preacher’s Wife) and TV (Cinderella). Houston and pop star Bobby Brown divorced in 2007 after 14 years of marriage; they have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Please be advised that I have moved, I received a call from God, the Chief Architect the other day, and He informed me that my new home was complete.

You all knew that I had been working on my new residence, sending up my timber, packing up and getting ready to go. I know that my house needed some finishing touches and that the Chief Carpenter, Jesus Christ had to inspect it and give me the final approval. On Saturday, February 11, 2012 around 3:55pm He let me know that my home was complete and that it was ok to move in. So He told me to go ahead and change my address.

Well, my new home is finished and what a sight it is to behold. It is located on an exclusive estate area behind a beautiful pearly gate. It is just over the other side of serene celestial shore. Of course, you know the streets are paved with gold and every day is Sunday, just like you've been told. Trees with twelve manners of fruit grace my garden here, and I can walk and talk with my Master with not a worry or care.

I lived in a home built by man, for only a short time, but my new home is so much better than any other place I've ever lived. There is peace here, joy, happiness, no pain, no heartaches, no strife or discontentment, only sweet serenity. I can dine at the Master's bountiful table and listen to a Heavenly choir and best of all, my Heavenly Father is all His Glory.

Oh yes, I have my own designer here who has fitted me with my very own white robe and wings. I could go on and on about my new home, but instead, I'm going to pray that you get to move here yourself one day. Before I go, let me give you my new address:

Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

1963 Heavenly Way.

Godstown, Heaven 71727.

P.S. I don't have a telephone, but you can always call on GOD. If you don't know His number, read your BIBLE, it's listed on every page.