June 13, 2013 1:23 pm
Kenny, Will definitely check out your blog. Very happy to see that you are still pursuing your dream and actually living the dream. I remember you forming a group of four bright young minds more than 30 years ago which you named "Merger Enterprises". At that time you had already done very in-depth research on your magazine and had conceptualized it and had a rough draft copy. It was a moment of inspiration for me. Your work to that point showed true commitment, discipline, self control and a passion for succeeding on the mission. I was committed to television production and photography and was still pursuing science. After seeing your work, I got fully committed to my work and entrepreneurship. Within two years, I left Channel 5 and have never looked back. Meeting you and seeing where you were with your goals inspired me to worker harder. So thank you for your friendship Mr. Kenny Wright.

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